America invades Palestine. Has America and Europe declared a proxy war to exterminate the Palestinian people?

Professor Abeer Kayed Pelon

Has the Palestinian-Israeli conflict turned into a proxy war led by America against Gaza and Palestine? It is naive to believe today that Israel alone is waging a war against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel is nothing but a malicious tool and a double-edged weapon on the ground for major powers like the United States, France, Britain, and UK, all agreeing to exchange roles and serve each other’s interests. Their unified goal is to erase the features of the Palestinian state by all means, including the people, the resistance, Gaza’s infrastructure, annexing land, and forced displacement of its people under the occupation and the weapon, launching a comprehensive war aimed at smashing the Palestinian people, not just Hamas. America and all its allies are involved in a holistic war and systematic genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. This includes sending fighters from these countries who are Jews, from America, France, and Britain, to sending military logistical support, ammunition, and quality heavy weapons along with pilots to carry out the dirty mission. 

The scene has almost become daily seeing American military shipments heading to Israel, reaching 150 shipments to support Israel and kill Palestinian children and women. Moreover, there is on-ground intelligence coordination confirming that the military operations against the Palestinians are led by leaders from the American, French, and British armies. American aircraft carriers boldly anchor in the sea off Gaza, along with European carriers, to support Israel, the spoiled child. A military operation aimed at systematic forced displacement, overseen by America, which is building a floating port to facilitate the forced evacuation of Gazans and the theft of Gaza’s gas. Add to that the destruction and suspension of UNRWA’s tasks and cutting support for it. Germany has also imposed new laws and strict conditions for obtaining German citizenship to please the world’s Jews and all of Israel, all signs of malicious intentions aimed at erasing the Palestinian cause and smashing the Palestinian people by all means. 

Is it time to legally hold these rogue states accountable, or are they also above the law? 


Let’s start with Washington, which has sent more than 150 military shipments in addition to allowing 1,200 American Jews to go fight in Gaza with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Many of them had previously served in the IDF and are American Jews holding Israeli citizenship, according to The Washington Post in an article by journalist Alex Horton, published on November 27, 2023. They go, kill innocents, then return to America and continue their normal lives without supervision or accountability, and most of them have committed heinous war crimes. America justifies its support for Israel by claiming it supports the latter in its war against the Palestinians and that, in their view, resistance is terrorism that must be eliminated by all means. Washington and its allies forget that Israel, before October 7, was executing women and children daily at checkpoints in the West Bank, daily tormenting the Palestinian people, and building a racist separation wall cutting off the Palestinian cities for 75 years. The initial aggressor is Israel and its abhorrent occupation and its tools and soldiers. Washington, through its supporters of Israel in visual, audio, and written media, tries to direct and mislead the American and global public opinion that those responsible for this war and the death of more than 32,000 Palestinians are Hamas, not the American weapons and its army that directly and unconditionally support Israel. The direct reason for the excessive American military support for Israel and justifying its military support to Israel is the October 7 aggression. They forget that Israel is criminal against its own people and sought to escalate the situation, and on October 7, it bombed a celebration site and killed 1,200 Jews of their own kind. Several Western and Israeli newspapers wrote that within a quarter of an hour, Hamas couldn’t do that, targeting cars and pedestrians who were bombed by Israeli aircraft. Then the blame was pinned on Hamas. 


France, which boasts of justice, brotherhood, and equality, fights alongside the Israeli army of more than 4,000 French Jews who participated in the war on Gaza. They have committed war crimes and torture against the Palestinians, and then a large portion of them returned to France without legal accountability for their crimes and their involvement in killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank and tormenting them. 

In addition, France has taken a hostile stance against the Palestinians from the beginning. It has prevented support marches for Palestine on its territories. In a report published by AP on October 12, 2023, France justifies its stance towards Israel. Moreover, it went further than that in criminalizing supporters of the Palestinian people and imprisoning them. France, which justified its racist policy, said that the French Interior Ministry has monitored more than 2,000 anti-Semitic posts on social networks and that it will not “leave Jewish children to die alone.” It took it upon itself as an ethical issue and the values of the republic that it will not allow. 

France will not  “Leave Jewish children to die alone” but took it upon itself as an ethical issue and the values of the republic that it will not allow a repetition of what happened in Germany, another Holocaust. Yet, it allowed and supported with weapons and sent Jewish fighters from the French to commit massacres and genocide against Palestinian cities under the pretext of fighting Hamas.

Well,  Where is the logic, human rights, equality, and social justice that they boast about? With double standards in accepting this systematic terrorism and deep-seated racism against people because of their religion and race and hostility towards others because of their religion and race!

In conclusion, America and its allies must be kept away from mediating between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and they should be replaced by influential and neutral countries. Washington has an old conflict of interests with Israel; most Jewish diplomats hold dual Israeli and American citizenships. So, how will they stand beside the Palestinians? Whom they consider their enemy, threatening their existence and pushing them questioning them about their existence? 

America is not a neutral party in solving this conflict but a direct enemy of the Palestinian people and their state. America contributes daily to their killing and extermination by sending weapons and allowing American Jews to leave the country to engage in genocide under the pretext of eliminating Hamas.


Today, America is repeating its horrific war in Iraq in Palestine, which cost the lives of a million and a half of Iraqis, as well as in Afghanistan and Yemen. So why do Arab countries still rely on the USA’s role in solving the Palestinian issue and supporting the Palestinian people, while they are directly involved in killing and exterminating them through their approval and soldiers?

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