Investigate Cruz Now!

Abeer Kayed Academic & Author - Founder of time for Palestine

Ted Cruz initiated a calculated attack on UNRWA USA, alleging its funding of terrorism without substantial evidence. His objectives appear to be personal enhancing his fame or political standing , he has position himself as a defender of Israel’s security, garnering support from the nationalist public, and legal (launching official investigations into UNRWA’s funding, advocating for reforms.) The timed nature of this calculated attack coincided with a lawsuit filed by a group of American Jewish families claiming compensation, demanding  the closure of UNRWA USA, alleging that UNRWA USA  funds terrorism without compelling evidence. This, raises questions about the U.S. justice system’s acceptance of baseless accusations without verification. The legal team representing these families is also led by American Jews who staunchly support Israel, yet lack substantial evidence.


Ted Cruz’s selection for this orchestrated campaign may be linked to his historical ties with the Jewish lobby and the funding of his campaigns for decades. 

Looking back, Cruz’s relationship with the Jewish lobby and the funding of his campaigns for decades must be examined. Is the liquidation of UNRWA USA connected to Cruz’s quest for power, financial gain, and the manipulation of the U.S. Department of Justice, supported by misinformation and fabricated narratives for personal gain, as well as inciting public opinion and misleading the American judiciary?


Therefore, opening an investigation into Cruz has become urgently necessary to uphold the legal process and respect the U.S. Constitution, which states that no one is above the law. It is hoped that the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will uncover the nature of his relationship with those behind the lawsuit, providing him with information and encouraging him to use the same terms and phrases he uses in his tweets, which are nearly identical to those used by the families of the victims of October 7 who are suing UNRWA America falsely.

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