Don’t worry! You’re just under the spot of pro-Israel watchdogs!

If you happen to work for a Western news outlet and, all of a sudden, you’re invited to attend a social media use training session or undergo an investigation, then don’t look any further: your accounts have been under scrupulous scrutiny by one of the pro-Israel groups, which spread across the world and seem to […]

Aaron Bushnell and The White House

The light came from the same Washington DC, just near the office that directs the American Foreign Policy in the Middle East (i.e., the Israeli Embassy), along with a scream saying loudly: “I am no longer complicit in genocide “.   Another brave American with a clear conscience added his voice to millions who believe […]

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and the Aftermath: Towards a Global Action for the Liberation of Palestine

The Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and its subsequent local, regional and global repercussions, restored the Palestinian cause to its pivotal position on the Arab, regional and international levels, placing it in a central position amongst the general public as a liberation struggle against colonialism and uprooting racism. This provides an exceptional historical opportunity to reestablish the […]

The Post-war Plan of Israeli Occupation

A state of ambiguity and uncertainty hovers over the Middle Eastern region after Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip; due to the struggle of the neighbouring Arab regional countries, Iran and Turkey over status and influence within the region, through many tools. Most importantly sub-state actors employ them for their national interests. Some use the […]

Why “the Rest” Are Rejecting the West

LONDON – As the war in Gaza enters its fourth month, many in the Middle East and across the Global South have been struck both by the ferocity of Israel’s military campaign and by Western governments’ unwavering support for it. To them, this is as much US President Joe Biden’s war as it is Israeli […]

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