Aaron Bushnell and The White House

By Ambassador Maasoum Marzouk Former assistant foreign min ister of Egypt February 2024

The light came from the same Washington DC, just near the office that directs the American Foreign Policy in the Middle East (i.e., the Israeli Embassy), along with a scream saying loudly: “I am no longer complicit in genocide “.


Another brave American with a clear conscience added his voice to millions who believe that what’s happening in Palestine is clearly genocide, war crimes, Ethnic Cleansing and crimes against humanity.


Aaron Bushell,25, a US Air Force member decided to send his message by setting himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. And before leaving our world he was shouting “Free Palestine”.


On Facebook, there is a post attributed to him, reading: “What would I do if I was alive during slavery? or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? what would I do if my country was committing genocide? “The answer is, you’re doing it. Right now.”


What Aaron did recalls the stance of the American girl Rachel Corrie, born on April 10, 1979, who was killed by Israeli forces when she tried to stop an Israeli military bulldozer from demolishing Palestinian homes in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip.


It’s important to keep Remembering Rachel Corrie, A Symbol of Peace and Justice. The tragic death of that 23-year-old American peace activist on March 16, 2003, remains a poignant reminder of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. Corrie was killed by a military Israeli-owned bulldozer while she was peacefully protesting the demolition of homes in the village of Rafah. Her death sparked international outrage and raised questions about the conduct of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the treatment of activists in conflict zones.


In a letter to her family from Gaza, Rachel Corrie articulated the profound impact of her experiences, expressing disbelief at the extent of Palestinian suffering that she witnessed firsthand. Her words resonate with the harsh realities faced by Palestinians living under occupation, underscoring the importance of bearing witness and speaking out against injustice


Israel confirms its contempt for international law and humanitarian law, in flagrant violation of the principles and purposes of the United Nations, making it a rogue state that should be ostracized by the international community, just as South Africa was ostracized during the apartheid regime. The famous General Assembly Resolution No. 392 of 1974 suspended South Africa’s rights and deprived it of participation in the United Nations General Assembly meetings until the end of apartheid.


Various American administrations have shielded Israel from punishment for its accumulated crimes over 75 years, contributing to the Zionist regime’s audacity in challenging not only international law but also all the ethical rules that humanity has known, resulting in the tragedies experienced by the Middle East, affecting Jews, Christians, and Muslims indiscriminately.


Aaron’s outcry echoes near the White House, perhaps heard by those who did not hear the cries of tens of thousands of Palestinians whose torn bodies littered the streets of Gaza.



 The ambiguity and lack of specification of the post-war situation indicates the dominance of the Israeli vision and its rejection of the two-state solution, which has come to represent an “accursed devil” in the perception of the right and the overly extremist Biblical religious right, and its mythical visions that deny the existence of the people, the Palestinian territories, and their legitimate right to self-determination. His destiny, and building his independent state on the lands occupied after June 5, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Al-Ahram

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