Is it a Persian theatrical play?

f Gaza.   Other Arab comments, especially official ones, did not bring anything new. For instance, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry described the recent developments as a dangerous escalation, directly resulting from what Egypt had repeatedly warned against—the dangers of conflict escalation due to Israel’s war on Gaza. The UAE contented itself with demanding a halt […]

Gaza War: Catalyst for Public Discourse Opening in Egypt?

This report examines whether the Gaza War has triggered a significant shift towards greater openness in public discourse within Egypt, exploring recent protests at the Journalists Syndicate and the role of women activists in leading these demonstrations. Since 2013, the Egyptian authorities have begun to activate a more restrictive system, succeeding in suppressing protests in […]

Going Beyond Magic: How To Understand Hamas?

In the wake of widespread coverage of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, three pro-Israel American moguls convened to raise funds for a campaign aimed at mitigating the anticipated backlash against the Jewish State. No wonder the three men have right-wing leanings, as the one who came up with the idea is the real estate and financial […]

My Grandmother’s Wardrobe, Keys, And Tears

I was three years old when my mother and I moved to live with my maternal grandmother, Hamida, in Borj al-Barjneh, a suburb of Beirut, at the beginning of 1950, because my father was on a six-month course at Marconi College in the city of Chelmsford to the north of London, updating his knowledge on […]

The Change of War Character in The Middle East Part 3: Back to “The Surge”

All non-state military actors including rebels, guerrillas, insurgencies, terrorists, tribal fighters, and militias can vary in complexity; from small to large and from pro-state actors, to ones with political wings or associated social service networks. The sphere of those groups could be local, regional, or international. Many have official/non-official offices and military bases in various […]

Journalism At War!

Amid the recent media coverage of the genocide in Gaza, very few journalists stand solid in their ethical and editorial guidelines around the world. Tycoon media Organizations stand on a long line of variety between those who lost their credibility due to conscious and unconscious bias practising disinformation, those who lost the ability to differentiate […]

From the closed, transferable mind to the free mind

In the poem “This is Cairo” by the poet Sayed Hijab, there is a line that says, “Our life here is a hotbed… and a question has no answer.” This line sums up in its brevity the crisis of the Egyptian and Arab mind that has been exacerbating since the end of the 19th  century […]

Is It The Only Choice?

For a long time, Arabs adopted the notion that peace was their only strategic choice. Within this context, I find myself compelled to revisit the topic of “Arab Peace as the only Strategic Choice,” as it has been one of the means relied upon to withstand the Palestinian earthquake. However, it appeared as a massive […]

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